Insulated Panel Installer Hiring

Insulated Panel Installer Hiring

Coolroom Builders, Cladding & Roofing



Company Background: ASKIN PERFORMANCE PANELS is a well-established Australian company with a long history in the industry. Being Australian owned and operated, it offers stability and local expertise.

Industry Leadership: ASKIN is a recognized leader in constructing large-scale cold storage rooms and specializes in food and pharmaceutical facility fit-outs. This means you’ll have the opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects.

Scope of Work: The company is involved in commercial and industrial construction projects, offering a wide range of opportunities in this field.

Work Locations: ASKIN provides both local and regional work opportunities, which can be a plus for those looking for flexibility in terms of their work location.

National Presence: With a national footprint, ASKIN offers opportunities for installers to work on projects in different states, providing the potential for interstate work.

Career Advancement: ASKIN mentions that installers have a pathway into office-based roles such as sales and project management. This indicates that the company values career growth and development for its employees.


  • Excellent wages and conditions
  • Comprehensive training provided
  • Permanent full-time employment
  • Overtime opportunities available


Immediate start for qualified candidates

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